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I have had a great love for horses as long as I can remember. That day, when I went to the Hippo Therapy course with the advice of my close friend, I realized how strong, big and a little scary they were. I can say that the day I spent with Janis and her team was one of the turning points of my life. The horses gaze, feeling me, surrendering his power to me, and the fact that we walked around in harmony and acted alone both surprised and comforted me.

Nuray Güldamla

Thanks Janis for your indescribable guidance, my best friend, horses, which made me focus on where I wanted to go, encouraged me and helped me to remove my obstacles.

Ulduz Azad

Under the guidance of Janis, the Inner Journey meeting with the Horse seems to have triggered a feeling that has been familiar to me for centuries.

To experience the emergence of a magnificent harmony that reminds me of what I have forgotten and when my own power is combined with the Horse. It was a wonderful experience that moved me and changed my perspective.

Çiğdem Tatlısert

When I compare the photos of the first time I met the horses with the photos after the experience, I can understand the magnitude of the change by my body language alone. These are photographs of a change from tension to comfort, from insecurity to confidence, from complex thoughts to clarity, from shyness to sincerity. Although such a profound effect in such a short time may seem surprising, I know that it is real and permanent because I continue to experience its effects. I would also like to thank Janis, who enriched this different experience with her knowledge, experience and approach.

Süreyya Kral

It was the first time I've been with a horse. It was quite imposing and scary at first. I was scared walking with it, thinking it might hurt me. However, the guidance I received during the session relieved me and I gradually began to change my stance and to cope with it, even though I could not completely get rid of my fear. Observing my fear, seeing how it begins and grows, and actually, it was priceless to realize how naive and loving the horse was acting with me and reflecting me in the animal, which seemed imposing and frightening at first, was a teacher. I can say that my view of fear has changed. Endless thanks to Janis and for this beautiful experience and Çiğdem for her beautiful photos..

Özlem Yılmaz

Many years ago, I had my first experience with horses on one of my family's Sunday outings. While the only thing on my mind and inside me when participating in this coaching was the sweet feeling of warm memories from years ago, as soon as I approached this powerful being, I felt a sweet rush and then, as it got closer, a little fear began to form in my eye in front of its strength and power. In my communication with Janis during the session, I realized that the underlying reasons for this fear and their inner urges were different. I would like to express my love and thanks to Janis for guiding me to affirmations that will open different doors in my professional life through these realizations I have experienced.

Okan Oktay

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